Why OOBI Girls Swimmers Rock

Oobi girls’ clothes are super gorgeous, strong, and stylish. Oobi remains one of the best girls’ clothing brands that never disappoints when it comes to designing quality and cool clothes that meet the fashion demands of the end user. It is a popular brand that has been around for over 2 decades. One of their latest releases is the Oobi girls swimmers. These swim-licious bold printed swimwear featuring amazing vintage florals and hand-drawn screen vibes are the talk ofthe town of late.

They Are SPF50++

Kids have a very precious yet sensitive skin that should be protected by all means. When they go swimming, their skin is exposed to the harsh sun and other damaging weather elements. If you don’t dress your kids in the right swimwear, their skin will end up developing rashes and other weather-triggered skin conditions.  All Oobi girls swimwear are designed such that they meet the SPF50++ requirements. In short, they have the power to protect your kid’s skin against the harmful sun rays.  They are likewise waterproof and cool so your kid will enjoy every single moment they will be wearing them.

Quality And Cool

When buying kid’s swimwear one factor that triggers us to make a decision is the quality of the fabric used. If a swimwear is designed carelessly and does not meet the industry quality standards, we won’t bother inquiring more. The Oobi swimming costumes for girls are designed from high-quality and opaque fabric. You can’t see through the clothes even when they are wet. The fabric is silky and soft and it feels buttery and glossy when touched.  The costumes are tested and proven to be ideal for swimming in all swimmable destinations including but not limited to oceans, pools, and much more.

Great Choices

Oobi kid’s swimming costumes are available in two awe-inspiring ranges. There is the retro rainbow range that is outstandingly color-licious. They have rainbow color prints that make them look extremely amazing.  There is the Mermaid sea range which features seashell pink flowers and mermaid sea flowers. They both have a pretty floral range of well-mixed and matching colors which trigger the feeling contentment ensuring your kids will always celebrate every moment they are out there to enjoy the cool breeze as well as explore the depth of the waters.


Cost has always been and will forever remain the most crucial aspect when buying swimwear weather for kids or adults. Nobody wants to be cheated when purchasing swimwear no matter how much they have budgeted. The safest route to take when shopping for kid’s swimwear to avoid getting cheated and be in a position to save some bucks is to consider buying Oobi girls swimmers. These cool costumes for our daughters are durable, blazing, and super attractive. They are as well designed from the best fabrics and come in a plethora of attractive prints that match the needs of every customer.  As if that is not enough, they are extremely cost-friendly. You will never get other designer costumes for your lovely daughters which are as affordable as the ones offered by Oobi cloth designers.


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