What People Should Know About The Coccyx And Seat Cushions

The coccyx or the tailbone is a small bone that is at the end of the vertebrae. Its a weird looking bone because from a normal standpoint it seems like it doesn’t have any purpose at all, but it actually does. Although small and looked like the tail of a rattlesnake, it actually connects various muscle groups from the buttocks and the leg and not to mention, its also a responsible for balance and stability.

That’s why its funny to think that most people that are sitting for long periods of time like office workers don’t seem to take their chair cushions really seriously. Sure they are the market for one and are the people that have been buying it often than most people, but what you see in their seats are these slabs of foam. Sure, a seat cushion primary function is to provide cushion and a slab of foam can help with that, but there’s a big reason why people that are buying it should take buying one seriously.

It affects your spine: A good seat can affect your spine, this is because cushions also affect the stability of your spine. When you sit, your spine isn’t necessarily straight and a good cushion that can provide you stability and with a good balance of comfort can help remedy that. Why it’s important? This is important to avoid future injuries and uneven spine.

coccyx cushion

It affects your back muscles: If you have a bad posture even when sitting, a not properly aligned spine can cause stress on the muscles. This is because the muscles will tend to have pressure often that will cause muscle pains. Once the spine problem gets corrected the muscle pains will go away. If you haven’t experienced that yet, might as well buy a good coccyx cushion to prevent it.

It affects your neck: Your neck is still connected to your spine and if you have a bad posture that will also be suffering. Versus another discomfort that you feel due to spine related pains, the neck area is where discomfort is felt most of the time.

It affects your leg: You might be wondering what the legs have to do with discomfort related to the spine. It doesn’t but improper circulation can cause such things. The leg was made to have proper blood circulation always and not being able to meet that can mean a ton of problems including chronic leg pain.

Supporting the coccyx by having a good coccyx cushion is important. This is because it provides stability, support, balance to the body and not to mention there are also muscle groups connected to it. If you’re going to buy a seat cushion for it, at least buy a good one that can truly provide one and not just something that can cushion your buttocks. By doing so will help you avoid future injuries relating to your spine, muscles, and circulation. There is the one actually that is highly recommended. Refer to the hyperlink to be redirected accordingly.


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