Watches: Our Favourite Fairy Tale

We are all struggling to control how we are being perceived, aren’t we? We keep holding onto things which give us a nice and respectable look regardless of what we actually want.

You’ve come a long way in life and you know what you actually adore because isn’t that why you’re here? You can’t miss the chance of witnessing watches being praised, can you?

 Whether you’re a woman or a man, your gratefulness for the remarkable invention of both men’s watches and ladies watches is limitless.

You also agree that the love for watches deserves a fair deal of exaggeration, don’t you? Well, it’s to know we’re not alone. There’s a major figure of people for whom watches are utterly the most sensible topic of discussion. Because if we really are exchanging words, then we should discuss something that brings to us happiness and satisfaction, shouldn’t we?

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There’s always something great about watches, just like how they’re loved in so many different ways,

They’re adored by athletes!

Athletes usually wear sponsored brands like Nike and Adidas during their shining time in a game but that doesn’t mean they’re not allowed to be as crazy for watches as we are! They can also be seen glimmering their magic with remarkable armani watches because watches, people, define themselves on their own.


Here, take an example of the man who needs no introduction since he’s currently the number 1 tennis player, Rafael Nadal. And, our very favourite David Beckham.  As if they weren’t already incredible athletes, now you know that they’re also watch lovers just like you and me!

Musicians as well, embrace it!

They haven’t written multiple music scripts based on time and how it flies, for nothing! There’s definitely a deep connection of time with almost everything!

Musicians write with their all heart and whatever they do, have a sensible meaning and if an astonishing musician like John Mayer can love watches, you know it’s one of the most sensible objects to be loved.

Actors couldn’t love them more

It’s definitely hard to find watches being displayed admirably in movies of big hit! Not just in movies, they’re literally everywhere from TV shows to the fashion industry.

Who is unaware of the names like Leonardo DiCaprio, Tom Cruise, Johnny Depp and the list goes on to quite a length! But these are just actors; you’ll even find TV show hosts like Ellen DeGeneres being a huge fan of watches.

It also shows how majorly watches are loved and admired that they’re being displayed through such huge public figures!

And of course, politicians

Let’s pick one great politician and describe their love for watches: Barack Obama. Regardless of how you perceive his personality but it cannot be denied that he respected his responsibilities since he knew the importance of time.

A watch on the wrist simply represents your respect for life and for politicians; it’s a crucial aspect of their job.


If they’ve proven to even travel through space with you then how can it possibly not be your best companion? Many gadgets have failed to sustain in space, like the modern mobile phones which are being considered as a replacement of watches. They can’t even function


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