Subtle Elegance ofthe Woven Carpet forthe Modern Home

India is renowned for its various handicrafts and manufacturing industry. These include pottery, painting, and the making of household goods and carpets. In this article, we see the various aspects of the carpet manufacture and how the manufacturers manage to create such wonderful pieces of floor covering.

Beginning of the carpet weaving tradition

Carpets have long belonged to the abode of the royalty in India. You found magnificent floor pieces in the palaces of the maharajas and they were all made with painstaking precision. These kings had dedicated artists solely for making carpets for the royal household. These were in the days when arts and culture flourished and carpet making became an art form. You see many of them today as descendants of the original carpet manufacturers in India that served in the palaces. You can see many of the creations of the olden days in the museums today.

carpet manufacturers in India

Processes involved in the carpet manufacture

Knowing about the various aspects of carpet manufacture helps one understand the artistry that goes into the making of a masterpiece. The basic functions that go into each carpet are the same. The things that change are the quality of the material and the amount of workmanship.

  1. Weaving
  2. Tufting
  3. Dyeing
  4. Designing
  5. Packaging

For making carpets, a manufacturer needs enough manufacturing space. This is because even though the major part of the work gets done by machines, a part of the work needs human intervention. This is where the craftsmanship of the weavers and carpet makers comes through. The machine cannot make this work of adding details to the patterns and pictures on the carpet. And these details stand out when one takes a look at the carpets.

Making the design

At the heart of every successful carpet manufacturer is a design studio. This is the place where one will see the interplay of modern tools, machines, and design software. In continuing the line of heritage, the carpet maker incorporates the kind of technology that gives a greater clarity and better fusion of colours and patterns in the carpets that he makes. We see how the flow of culture becomes reflected in the images on the patterns. You can see many of these patterns in the showrooms of the carpet flooring suppliers in India.

And yet, for a carpet manufacturer to attain success, he must cater to the commercial sector. This is the modern user who cares more for adding lustre to the interiors and wants a warm and cosy décor over one that reflects only culture. It is the longing for creature comforts that dominates the designs and demands.

Carpet weaving has long been the Indian tradition and today the Indian Handmade Carpet has the world number one ranking in both volume and value consideration. Hand tufted rugs, table tufted rugs, bathroom rugs, and handloom rugs take the pride of place among all carpet creation.


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