Playing safe: buying safe toys with knowledge and common sense

Finding it hard to buy safe toys for kids? Luckily, with a touch of learning and some sort of common sense, it’s not hard to stay away from the dodgiest dollies and their kinfolk. This is a safety cautioning, not a sign of ability level or knowledge. For instance, it’s illicit for a toy (and any separable parts) planned for youngsters under three to be small to the point that the toy could exhibit a stifling risk. Gagging and suffocation are the greatest toy-related dangers at this age.

As a guide, if a toy or its parts could fit completely into a 35mm film canister, don’t offer it to a kid under three. Whether buying sports toys or little smiles plastic cubby houses for your kids, be sure to shop from a toy store that you know and trust.

Safe toy purchase

When purchasing toys for children up to the age of three, keep away from little toys and toys with little parts like buttons and beads that could undoubtedly disconnect if pulled, crushed or turned, or when the toy is dropped. Examine the toy and envision dropping it a couple times onto a hard floor, or pulling at any little parts like sewn-on eyes. Do they appear as though they’d effectively sever? Is the get together wobbly and prone to break or fall apart? If this is the case, pick something else.

Buy something durable and washable.

Babies and toddlers have an uncommon skill for getting toys filthy, also biting on them as well. Toys that is hard-wearing and simple to clean will last more and be safer for the kid.


Little magnets are exceptionally risky if gulped. In the event that at least two such magnets are gulped, the magnets can bolt together through the intestinal walls and cause blockages and perforations. This can prompt to disease and even death. Toys containing these must have an appropriate cautioning name, and similarly as with other little gagging dangers, the magnets ought not to come free if the toy is dropped, pulled or wound.


Batteries are regular in many toys. Ensure they are not available to little kids – battery compartments ought to be secured with a screw or make sure that they are generally difficult to reach. Small button batteries specifically are a risk if gulped as they can hold up in the throat and cause extreme burns or death.

Trap hazards

Toy mid-sections and boxes ought to be outlined not to trap or close on top of youngsters, or even better, they ought to have a lightweight removable cover or no top by any means. Any toy box sufficiently enormous to slither inside must have ventilation openings. Additionally, ensure the cover close gradually and is fitted with elastic or different plugs that permit a crevice of at least 12mm when the top is shut, so little fingers can’t be smashed.

Shooting toys

In case you’re purchasing a shooting toy, just pick one that has a delicate, one-piece dash or non-removable lid. The projectile mustn’t be sufficiently small to represent a gagging danger. Likewise, ensure that the firing system can’t be utilized to cause makeshift projectiles like sharp pencils, nails or stones.


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