Here is What You Need to Know About the Viking’s Jewelry Collection

There have been a number of jewelry hoards that have been discovered from various places that belong to the Vikings. These expose a different image of the Vikings. The Vikings were very famous for being warriors who were fearless and brutal. But now, as we can see, they were also jewelry lovers. They had their own unique designs which even had amulets in the shape of a hammer which was believed to represent the hammer of Thor, the God of thunder. Several viking necklace designs and neck rings have been uncovered. If you are ardent lover of these, now you can easily get such designed ornaments online. We’ll now take a peek into the Viking’s Jewelry collection.

  • Like today, during those times too, jewelry showed wealth and status. Both men and women loved wearing jewelry and their frequently used ornament collection included brooches, necklaces, rings, etc. The wealthy people could afford ornaments made from precious metals. But the poor people could not. And so they made ornaments from bronze or old animal bones.

  • The Vikings very often used their ornaments to make payments. It was not uncommon for them to hack off small pieces from their ornaments and trade them from goods. The people usually wore ornaments that included arm or neck rings which we’re usually made from silver. When in need to make payments, they would remove small pieces from these ornaments and use it to pay. This kind of jewelry is referred to as the hack silver.
  • The men and women of the Vikings extensively use jewelry. They use ornaments to decorate their homes, swords, etc. and also use it to wear them. This is very often done to show off one’s status and wealth. These were also used to exchange between people in order to seal their friendships or marriage alliances. The arm rings and neck rings wee two of the ornaments that were frequently worn by the Vikings. Finger rings were not so frequently worn by Vikings. Also earrings were not even worn at all.

There are several ornaments that were discovered in different hoards from different places. These designs have inspired to be pendants and ornaments for jewelry now. This jewelry has been the new trend-setter since their introduction. In order to make a viking necklace yours, search for the same in Google and you can find several service providers. In order to buy one, check out the different designs offered by various jewelers  and their prices. Then select the best from them and buy online at http://vikingfront.com/. You can now buy your own Viking ornament in just a few clicks through the online marketplace.


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