Frame your baby’s pictures properly!

Having a baby is one of the most precious moments for the parents. They want to freeze each and every moment since they are born so that none of the accounts are missed. Children are the best gift one can ever have and so framing all the moments has become a bit necessary these days.

As camera, has become accessible to all, it has also become easy for people to capture all the priceless moments whenever they wish to. They can also hire professional baby photographer Mumbai or from other cities so that they can do a proper photo shoot of your baby. For that you need to choose a professional expert who has a lot of experience in doing this.

If this is not what you want, then you can also try on your own to make frames of the babies. If you are ready to do that then there are few things to keep in mind. One has to take more close ups because by doing this, the baby’s lovable expressions get photographed very easily. It is good to use a longer focal length in the camera in spite of moving physically and frequently to take closer shots. If you go very close to them, they might get a bit afraid with the camera and the lens; so try to maintain a distance always.

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It is always a good idea to get candid pictures of your baby. Try to capture them when they are not conscious about the camera or you being around. You can click them when they are happily playing with their toys or sleeping peacefully or taking a bath or laughing at something. If they are conscious about the camera they might be scared of the thing and can cry. Try to capture all their growing moments. You can capture them when they first try to crawl or when they first try to stand up and walk. Or the fun things like when they have their first teeth or try to eat on their own. Maintain a minimum distance with the child when you are taking the photo. Do not go much near as the camera and lens can scare them very much.

All the time try to use natural light to take the snaps of the baby. This is because; babies have a very sensitive skin and so their eyes are also very sensitive. If artificial lights are used, it can harm their eyes and that is why it is not a good idea to harm them. If you are trying to capture the moments on natural light, then noon is the best time to do the photo shoot. At that time the baby also has energy and they do not have to sacrifice their sleep for the photo sessions. But if you want to do an outdoor shooting, then noon is definitely not a preferable time as the sun may be harsh on them. Try to do it in early mornings or early evenings before the sun sets. The babies also need to remain in a very happy mood when the shoot is done.

There are many baby photographers Mumbai if you want to go professional. They know how to handle a baby properly in the shoot. At the same time parents have to be present there as well.


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