Don’t Panic Here are Last Minute Gift Ideas to Dad

The warmth and joy lying on fathers shoulders is inexplicable. The strength he gives his child, the happiness he surrounds people with, the courage he gives us to face anything in the world can never be returned back at any cost. Though we may be late we should never forget to honor them on their birthdays. Here are some last minute Birthday Gifts to Dad’s from http://www.heartofablonde.com/last-minute-birthday-gifts-for-dad-unique-ideas/

 Treat them with what they like:  Why give them gifts which they dreadfully put them in the attic? Give them things which they cherish and enjoy at the same time. Know your Father, whether he is a movie buff or a music fan. What kind and which genre does he like? Go out to watch movies with him or gift him a home theatre, so that all the family can enjoy great movies together along with your father.

Know his Hobby: As a child one must definitely know their father’s hobbies. Whether he likes gardening, singing, driving or cooking. Gift him with a good hi-fi tool related to their hobby like a Gardening Kit, A recording Microphone, A good car or a High-end kitchen gadget. Anything that could make father smile and dance excitement would be wonderful.

Some Classic things never go wrong: History has shown that classic things can never go wrong. Normal things like wallets, watches, pens, flowers, bags, books always save the day. Complimenting them with handwritten notes and DIY cards   bring a lot of authenticity to the gifts.

Surprise him with Trip Tickets: Fathers though travel a lot   would love to do that at any given time. Know their schedule before hand and book a trip along with his beloved to a far away destination which he never visited. This would definitely take him to another world at least for some time   away from tensions of everyday life.

Call for a Party: Surprise him by calling a get-together of friends and family and throw a party. Spirits raise when one see’s their loved ones and childhood and college friends. It’s the happiness and warmth that makes birthday’s special rather than spending money on gifts. A small talk with besties, or long forgotten childhood friend would make their day.

Write a poem: When all these are impossible and beyond reach nothing is better than a bear hug and beautifully written poem. It’s good to write your heart out and mention the little sacrifices he has done for you. Share a drink and cuddle with your dad, while watching the movie.

Give him a Plant: Be it exotic or normal plants will never let you down. This depicts how much you cherish the relationship. Check websites of plantations near to you or on website which can deliver you fast. That’s it choose the best plant with one quality like your dad and go for it. He would cherish.

Get him a Souvenir he wished to have: Research whether he wanted a piece of history for himself like a sword, a book, a souvenir of historic significance. If it gets late surprise him with a note that he is receiving it as a birthday gift and see him smiling forever.

Make a DIY project: Nothing can be more than the feelings one has about father. Remember them a make something yourself for him, like a card or bench, a chair or a wine rack. There are hundreds of videos out on YouTube which help you to build affordable furniture which can easily be converted to masterpieces. So when there is no money to buy, never lose your heart try DIY projects and gift him with both your names engraved.

Cook him a meal: Remember that men always cherish their childhood memories , the rare cuisines they tasted, so scoop out your grandmother’s recipes and make a sumptuous meal for them, but do take care to make it edible and it tastes the same.

So follow some of these great ideas and show love, care and happiness in words and deeds.



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