Doing Embroidery with Your Regular Sewing Machine

Embroidery works make your clothing’s look good. They add up to the design of the clothing and make them attractive. For those who can afford to buy an embroidery machine, doing embroidery works on your clothes can be easy. With an embroidery machine, you can easily add embroidery designs relatively in a quick manner. These works are often done in perfection. But for those who want to do embroidery works; those who cannot afford to buy an embroidery machine, the good news is that they can do so with a regular sewing machine. It is comparatively difficult to create embroidery designs with your regular sewing machine than with an embroidery machine. But they can be done quite easily if you master the technique.Hereis how to embroider with a sewing machine.

Tips to do embroidery with your regular sewing machine:

  • Lower the feed dogs of your sewing machine

Every sewing machine has this part in it called the feed dogs. Check your user’s manual to find out how to lower the feed dogs in your machine. In some machines, the feed dogs will be covered up using a special darning plate. By lowering the feed dogs, you will have better freedom of movement. Thus, while stitching, you can guide the stitching, instead of the machine pulling the cloth for you while stitching.

how to embroider with a sewing machine

  • Only use the embroidery threads

The normal cotton threads that you use for stitching your dresses if used for embroidery will not give that striking finishing for your clothes. Thus, it is always better to use embroidery threads for doing the embroidery design on your clothes using your regular sewing machine. If you cannot use rayon embroidery threads since it is not available, then you can also so cotton or polyester thread for the same.

  • Make use of an embroidery hoop

Doing embroidery on your clothes by just pulling the cloth from one side to another and along the curves will not help to create a good embroidery work on your clothes. The best way to effectively design your clothes with embroidery designs is by using an embroidery hoop.

These are just a few tips to help you do embroidery designs on your clothes by using a regular sewing machine. Now, do not limit your knowledge on how to do embroidery using your regular sewing machine with just these points. There are several other tips and tricks too. Do your research and find out more tips to help you with the same. Also, you can Google how to embroider with a sewing machine. You will find more tips on how to do embroidery with your regular sewing machine. Thus, for those who are in a tight budget and cannot buy an embroidery machine, these tips will be of great help.


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