Counseling for everyone

Some people usually get scared when they hear the word counseling. Counseling is the process or method by which a therapist or a counselor improves someone’s mental and behavioural strength. The world today, as we all know is busy, stressful and often confusing. So making a decision is not easy like the old times. And counseling is the best way to help you with your decisions if you are having a hard time making one. Humans get stressed, always – be it the teenage years or be it the forties – there is always some reason to get stressed. Worrying about the silliest of things is one thing we humans are good at. That is why life made conscious has taken some initiative in helping people lead a better life. Counselors at life made conscious are pretty good at what they do. Check over here to find out the different counseling services offered by us. When you feel it is hard to cope with all the stressful things happening around you, always feel free to contact us.


Do men need counseling?

Yes, men need counseling at some point in their lives. Studies say that men usually go hopeless and aimless at some point in their lives. They might have had a huge setback – it might be anything business, career oriented or relationship. Some men might have addiction issues and would be having a hard time dealing with it. So how do you understand when you will need counseling?

  • Feeling sad and lonely most of the time: If you feel lonely and frustrated most of the time, let us tell you, it is no good. It is high time to see a therapist and start living your life and this time, happily and efficiently.
  • Major problems: If you have encountered a major problem in your college, office or your neighbourhood, chances are high that you would be depressed about it. And you will keep on thinking about the incident for days or weeks. Instead, consult a therapist and tell them what they feel. Check over here to find out how counselors at life made conscious can help you.
  • Changes in routine: Do you find any change in the way you eat, drink or sleep? If there are some drastic changes worth mentioning, it is high time you make note of it and discuss with a counselor. Major changes in your daily routine is one thing you will have to take care of. Book an appointment with one of our counselors and lead a healthy life!

If you answered yes to any of the above mentioned sub headings, you have come to the correct place. Check over here to find out the other services offered by us.


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