7 Reasons a Bridal Airbrush Tan Is Better Than the Sun

There are some times in our lives when we simply aren’t willing to risk anything going wrong. One of these is our wedding day. When you are preparing for the decorations and bridal theme, you are also going to be looking at the steps you can take to look your very best. Nothing adds to your look more than a light glow of color.

Sometimes, even those brides who haven’t gotten a tan from the sun in a long time decide to get “minimal exposure” for their special day. They may think that a short period of time in the sun is exactly what they need to get a bridal glow. The most obvious problem with this is that the color from the sun doesn’t usually show up until long after you are out of the sun, not to mention the problem of unwanted tanlines or the sun safety factor. At Gotham Glow, you can get a Gotham Glow bridal airbrush tan that takes the guesswork out of getting tanned.

The control over the amount of tan you get from airbrushing is just one reason that it is better than tanning in the sun. Other reasons include:

  1. The UV light from the sun is harmful, especially when it causes burning and peeling. Since you can’t be sure just how much sun you are getting at the time, you are always at risk of getting a burn. The last thing you want is to be glowing red on your wedding day.
  2. The sun causes burning and peeling. Once a burn takes place, there is a lot less you can do to make your complexion look smooth and even.
  3. Today’s skilled airbrush technicians can use tanning solution to sculpt you and make you look slim and trim in all the right places. The art of application is the key to getting a great tan that leaves you looking and feeling great.
  4. A bridal airbrush tan will leave you looking more natural than what you get from the sun. Today’s tanning solutions and application techniques are much better than they were in the past. Your guests won’t have a clue that your color isn’t really your own. It’s like you, only better.
  5. The right tanning solution can actually improve the health of your skin, not put it at risk. Look for a salon that uses their own natural solution to supply nutrients that will give your skin another level of glow.
  6. You can make a practice run. All good salons encourage a trial so that the exact look can be achieved for the big day. If you’re trying a new salon, a trial is always advisable. Not only can you get the amount of color that is right for you, you can schedule an appointment prior to your actual tanning date to find your perfect shade.
  7. Many brides make the choice to use a bridal airbrush tan to host the entire wedding party. It’s a great way to boost the looks of your bridesmaids and reward them for being such a valuable part of your wedding day. It’s even great for grooms, too. More and more men are turning to

spray tan as a way of getting that boost of confidence, that special glow for the big day.

These are just some of the best reasons for getting a bridal airbrush tan. Take good care of your tan after it is applied and enjoy the benefits until after the honeymoon.


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